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Undervalued, Unloved and Overlooked: Opportunities in UK Equities


Five Reasons to Buy More EM Equities

EM equities are currently experiencing one of their biggest ever corrections amid a perfect storm of tighter monetary policy, slowing global growth and crippling risk aversion. Investors may understandably be considering throwing in the towel. However, we firmly believe that the darkest hour is before the dawn, and that far from selling their holdings, investors should be increasing their allocations. Here are five reasons why.    


EM Miners: Time to Dig Deep

Covid has blown fiscal holes wide open in many emerging economies, which are now looking to plug the gap by increasing taxation of sectors benefiting from elevated commodity prices. The future of investing in EM mining stocks is more opaque and problematic than at any point since the Global Financial Crisis. Risks abound, but so do opportunities. A focus on geographies with more rational governments is the best place to start. First, get the politics right.


TT Environmental Solutions Strategy 1-Year Anniversary - Key Performance Drivers and Themes

On 11th May 2021 the TT Environmental Solutions strategy celebrated its one-year anniversary. In the following piece we detail how we added value over the past year, before discussing why we find the environmental thematic so compelling, even after the rally seen in 2020. Finally, we outline some of the key sub-themes that look particularly promising. 

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Why invest in European Equities Long/Short now?

With European companies leading the structural shift to ESG investing and countries taking diverging paths out of lockdown, we feel the gap between winners and losers will be stark, giving long/short stock pickers the opportunity to generate meaningful levels of alpha. 

Papers White Paper

Looking beyond low carbon to holistic environmental investing

The world is not on track to achieve the Paris Agreement temperature targets, and low carbon investing in isolation is unlikely to change this. The magnitude of the environmental crisis facing our planet requires that allocators take bold and creative action. In this paper we set out the case for supplementing a low carbon approach with an environmental solutions strategy, which we believe will grant investors access to the biggest structural growth opportunity of a generation. 


China’s new regulatory regime – an on the ground perspective on the risks and opportunities

A summary of our recent webinar discussion between China Portfolio Manager Marco Li and Dr Ma Jun, former Chief Economist of the PBOC. 


TT Environmental Solutions Strategy - Genesis, Objectives and Key Differentiators

We discuss the strategy’s genesis, objectives and key differentiators, before outlining why we find environmental equities so exciting looking forward.

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Impact investing 2.0: revenue sharing with charities to directly improve the environment

TT International issues a rallying cry to the wider industry calling for Impact Investing 2.0, where sustainable funds give one-third of their management fees to carefully selected environmental charities, as the TT Environmental Solutions strategy does. 


2020 – The year that ESG went mainstream

With ESG becoming an ever-greater focus for investors, TT’s Head of ESG provides a summary of how we integrate ESG analysis into our process to help generate superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients.


Golden opportunity: from Made in China to Made for China

It is well understood that China’s economy is currently undergoing a great rebalancing as it shifts towards a model of consumption-based growth. However, we believe that many investors fail to grasp the implications of this transformation, which we still see as one of the most powerful and exciting investment themes in the world today. In the piece below, we outline some of the key opportunities that have arisen from China’s ongoing evolution and explain the common mistakes made by investors attempting to profit. 


Market Outlook

Asia Outlook

Latest Asian economic and market outlook. 


China Outlook

Latest Chinese economic and market outlook. 


Emerging Markets (Core) Outlook

Latest Emerging Markets (Core) economic and market outlook. 


Emerging Markets (Unconstrained) Outlook

Latest Emerging Markets (Unconstrained) economic and market outlook. 


Environmental Solutions Outlook

Latest Environmental Solutions outlook. 

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International Outlook

Latest International economic and market outlook. 


UK Outlook

Latest UK economic and market outlook.