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Members of our Ideas Factory share their latest investment thinking through three publications:  

WorldWatch’ provides timely insight into topical macroeconomic and geopolitical issues from around the world.

White Papers’ offer in-depth analysis of the ideas and themes that drive our investments.  

'Outlook' is a regular update on how our investment experts see markets and economies.  

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Globe WorldWatch

TT’s surprises for 2018

WorldWatch proposes several potential investment surprises for the year ahead. 

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Are Emerging Markets vulnerable to rising US interest rates?

With the Fed recently raising rates for the second time this year, we ask whether Emerging Markets are vulnerable to a tightening cycle in the US. 

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Beware! Disruption ahead

Following the tumultuous geopolitical events of last year, it is reasonable to see 2017 as the beginning of a new stage in the post-crisis world economy, characterised by rising US rates, protectionism and increasing political tension. Likewise, 2017 could mark a new critical phase in disruptive innovation, which continues to transform industries around the world. In this edition of WorldWatch, we assess the potential impact of several particularly powerful disruptive forces.    


Donald Trump: the good, the bad and the ugly

Donald Trump's surprise victory is a watershed moment that has important ramifications for many of the world’s financial assets. We consider the global impact of Trump’s potential policies, before outlining how we are positioned to exploit the opportunities created by his victory.


Emerging Markets - the next opportunity

Emerging Markets have flattered to deceive in recent times. In a piece that featured in LAPF Investments magazine, we outline why the tide may have finally turned for investors in the asset class. 


The case for and against Brexit

When the British people vote in this summer’s referendum on whether or not to leave the EU, their choice will define the UK’s future for generations to come. Opinion polls suggest a victory for the Remain campaign, but this is far from certain as much of the electorate is still undecided. With so much at stake, the referendum is an issue that polarises opinion, nowhere more so than at TT. Below we argue the case for and against Brexit.  

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Papers White Paper

Benign rate environment to support further equity appreciation

We argue that the global inflation outlook should remain benign in 2018, allowing central banks to tighten monetary policy extremely gradually. When combined with a modest acceleration in global growth, the outlook for equities should remain attractive, most notably in Asia and Emerging Markets. 


The case for Asian equities in 2017 and beyond

With consistent outperformance in the three years since Duncan Robertson took on primary responsibility for TT’s Asia Pacific ex-Japan strategy, we assess the investment opportunities within the asset class and explain how TT’s process seeks to exploit these opportunities.   


The case for quality investing

With valuations becoming ever more stretched, particularly in the US, our Global Equity team argue that prudence is needed for long-term investors and outline the case for investing in high-quality companies at attractive valuations. 

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Vietnam: the next Asian tiger?

Following a recent research visit, Niall Paul, Head of Emerging Markets, assesses the opportunities and challenges facing Vietnam.


The TT Global Emerging Markets Strategy – 5 years in

With the TT Global Emerging Markets strategy having recently reached its fifth anniversary, we take stock of how the asset class has performed, how we have performed, and how we see the future. 


Navigating Emerging Markets in a volatile world

TT addresses the most pressing concerns about Emerging Markets and suggests how best to navigate the asset class in these uncertain times.


Market Outlook

International Outlook

Latest International economic and market outlook. 


Emerging Markets (Core) Outlook

Latest Emerging Markets (Core) economic and market outlook. 


Emerging Markets (Unconstrained) Outlook

Latest Emerging Markets (Unconstrained) economic and market outlook. 


Asia Outlook

Latest Asian economic and market outlook. 


European Outlook

Latest European economic and market outlook. 


UK Outlook

Latest UK economic and market outlook.