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Welcome to TT International – an independent global asset manager specialising in long-only and alternative strategies.


What we do

What We Do

Long-Only Strategies

Our Long-Only strategies span Global, International ex US, Emerging Market, Asian, Chinese, European and UK equities. 

Alternative Strategies

Our Alternative strategies  include Global Macro, Equity Long/Short and Event-Driven, with a focus on Europe and Asia.

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What we think

What We Think

Globe Worldwatch

TT’s surprises for 2018

WorldWatch proposes several potential investment surprises for the year ahead. 

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Are Emerging Markets vulnerable to rising US interest rates?

With the Fed recently raising rates for the second time this year, we ask whether Emerging Markets are vulnerable to a tightening cycle in the US. 

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Globe White Papers

China: time to buy?

Back in 2008, when the global economy was mired in the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression, China unleashed a gigantic stimulus package worth 4 trillion yuan. Asia’s pre-eminent economic powerhouse led the world out of the downturn, with its rapid growth sparking a global recovery that helped bring the US and Europe back to life. Ten years after China “saved the world”, it is once again confronted by the threat of flagging growth, exacerbated by trade tensions with the US. With the country standing at an important crossroads, we analyse the risks as well as the opportunities in the world’s second-largest economy, and ask whether now is the right time to invest.   



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