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Welcome to TT International – a leading global asset manager specialising in long-only equity and alternative strategies.


What we do

What We Do

Long-Only Strategies

Our Long-Only strategies span Asian, Chinese, Environmental, Global Emerging Markets, International (ex US) and UK equities. 

Alternative Strategies

Our Alternative strategies comprise Equity Long/Short, Event-Driven and Global Macro.

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What we think

What We Think

Globe Worldwatch

COP15 Part 1, COP26 and the Role of Biodiversity in Financial Markets

With COP15 Part 1 and COP26 now over, the conferences have arguably achieved more than expected but less than hoped. To make sense of the potential impact of these events for the planet and investors, Harry Thomas, Co-Portfolio Manager of the TT Environmental Solutions Strategy, recently held a webinar discussion with leading ecology expert Dr Joseph Bull.  


Why invest in European Equities Long/Short now?

With European companies leading the structural shift to ESG investing and countries taking diverging paths out of lockdown, we feel the gap between winners and losers will be stark, giving long/short stock pickers the opportunity to generate meaningful levels of alpha. 

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Globe White Papers

China’s new regulatory regime – an on the ground perspective on the risks and opportunities

A summary of our recent webinar discussion between China Portfolio Manager Marco Li and Dr Ma Jun, former Chief Economist of the PBOC. 


TT Environmental Solutions Strategy - Genesis, Objectives and Key Differentiators

We discuss the strategy’s genesis, objectives and key differentiators, before outlining why we find environmental equities so exciting looking forward.

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