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Welcome to TT International – a leading global asset manager specialising in long-only equity and alternative strategies.


What we do

What We Do

Long-Only Strategies

Our Long-Only strategies span Asian, Environmental, Global Emerging Markets, Non-US and UK equities. 

Alternative Strategies

Our Alternative strategies specialise in Equity Long/Short.

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What we think

What We Think

Globe Worldwatch

EM outlook for 2024

The investment landscape shifted substantially in 4Q23, with investors moving to price in a monetary policy pivot from the Fed. Our EM equity strategies performed well against a backdrop of falling bond yields. Several of our key calls generated positive alpha, including Brazilian rate-sensitive names, Mexican nearshoring beneficiaries, Argentinian oil stocks, and Korean memory plays. In this piece, we discuss our outlook for the coming year and the positions that we expect to be the key drivers of potential further alpha. 

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TT Webinar | Asian Equities: Opportunities Beyond China

Amid China’s woes, it is easy to forget that Asia offers some of the most exciting structural growth opportunities in the world.


Globe White Papers

Update on China and our major positions

As concerns mount over China’s spluttering economy and its beleaguered property sector, investors are dumping Chinese assets and the central bank has been forced to step up its defence of a sliding renminbi. With this in mind, we thought you would appreciate a brief update on our thoughts about China and its property market specifically, as well as other major Emerging Markets. We continue to believe that developing economies will remain the world’s growth engine over the next couple of years as central banks cut rates to stimulate domestic activity. Nevertheless, the outlook is mixed for markets across the asset class, highlighting the enduring importance of integrating top-down macroeconomic analysis with bottom-up stock selection.  


TT Environmental Solutions Strategy - Genesis, Objectives and Key Differentiators

We discuss the strategy’s genesis, objectives and key differentiators, before outlining why we find environmental equities so exciting looking forward.

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