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The Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity strategy aims to outperform its benchmark, MSCI All Countries Asia ex Japan Index, by at least 3% per annum over a three-year rolling period. It offers concentrated stock picking within a differentiated top-down and thematic framework.  


Asia Equity Strategy

We believe in investing in leading companies, operated by honest and competent management in industries that are structurally attractive. At the same time, we retain a sharp focus on valuation, with a strong belief in intrinsic value.

This philosophy delivers a portfolio that exhibits faster earnings growth and higher ROE than the index, whilst at the same time being less leveraged than the benchmark.

Despite these superior growth and quality metrics, our valuation discipline ensures that the portfolio is cheaper than the index on a P/E basis.

The core Asia team consists of five highly experienced analysts that are supported by a further seven analysts in the wider Asia/EM Ideas Factory. 

The following aspects of our investment process provide an edge and set the TT proposition apart from the competition:

  • Strong top-down and thematic idea generation is integrated with rigorous fundamental stock selection.
  • We look for stocks that exhibit a powerful combination of value, quality and growth. We are evidence-based investors, and empirical research suggests that this is a particularly effective way to generate strong risk-adjusted returns.
  • High active share – typically 75-85%.
  • High conviction portfolio of typically 50-60 stocks.

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