Environmental Solutions

The Environmental Solutions strategy targets high returns and long-term capital growth by investing in a portfolio of global equity and equity-related securities. It is a pure-play environmental strategy, aiming to have at least 80% of invested capital in companies where environmental solutions account for >50% of revenues or profits. It also seeks to have an even greater impact through donations to environmental charities. 

Winner of the ESG Investing Awards 2023 and 2022 ‘Best ESG Investment Fund: Global Thematic’


Environmental Solutions Strategy

The strategy aims to drive capital towards companies that are delivering solutions to the problems of climate change and ecosystem destruction around the world. It also has a direct impact via donations to environmental charities. 

We believe that the environmental thematic will be a key structural winner over the next two decades and therefore expect the Environmental Solutions strategy to significantly outperform global equity markets over the long-term, while adhering to stringent environmental investment criteria.

The investment process is based on rigorous fundamental stock selection within an environmentally driven top-down framework. Portfolio construction is the synthesis of idea generation, conviction and risk management. The strategy will typically hold around 40 stocks, and will have a very high active share.

The following aspects of our investment process provide an edge and set the TT proposition apart from the competition:

  • Pure-play environmental strategy. We aim to have at least 80% of invested capital in companies where tackling an environmental problem generates >50% of revenues or profits.

  • Differentiated expertise and research. We have a highly experienced team and access to TT’s wider investment expertise.
  • Diversified portfolio. We invest in 7 major themes across biodiversity and climate change solutions.
  • Valuation and selling discipline. Strict approach to price targets, as well as proactive management of position sizes.
  • Direct environmental impact. One-third of the strategy’s revenue is given to carefully selected environmental charities at no cost to investors.

Co-Portfolio Manager Harry Thomas and Deputy Portfolio Manager Ross Sterling have hosted several webinars discussing various aspects of the strategy over the past 12 months. They can be viewed on our website hereherehere and here.  

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