COP15 Part 1, COP26 and the Role of Biodiversity in Financial Markets

The full video of the webinar can be viewed below. It is split into the following chapters for your convenience:

01:52 - COP15's shifting focus towards restoring nature                                     

03:48 - Contentious issues associated with this shift                                        

05:30 - What does "nature positive" mean?                                                     

07:08 - How can companies avoid harm to/restore nature?                                  

10:15 - Biodiversity conservation investment opportunities                    

14:53 - Biodiversity "red flags" to look out for at companies

22:34 - What would you be demanding of asset managers?   

27:52 - How would you appraise COP26?      

30:55 - COP26's successes and how to enforce them    

38:45 - Investment opportunities due to COP26       

41:42 - Biodiversity credits