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Podcast - the procedure and timetable for Brexit according to Lord Butler of Brockwell


In this short podcast, Mike Jennings, Investment Strategist, asks Lord Butler of Brockwell what the likely procedure and timetable will be for the UK as it heads towards Brexit. 

Lord Butler is a long term friend of our founding partner, Tim Tacchi, and acts as a consultant to TT. His depth of experience is without compare.  In a career spanning four decades, he has been a senior advisor to many UK Prime Ministers. In particular, he was Private Secretary to Edward Heath, and then to Harold Wilson, advising him during the UK’s last European referendum over entry into the EEC – the precursor to the European Union.  He then went on to be Cabinet Secretary to Lady Thatcher, John Major, and Tony Blair.  As such he has a unique insight into the procedure and discussions that will be taking place in the corridors of Westminster following the decision of the British people to leave the European Union.

Please click here to listen to the podcast. 

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