UK Reporting Fund Status - 2023

Certain Share Classes of the TT Funds hold “Reporting Fund” status for UK tax purposes.  As such, the Funds are required to compute and report their income (calculated in accordance with UK tax principles) each year to investors so that UK investors holding Shares in the Funds at the end of the period may include their share of the Funds’ “reportable income” in their UK tax returns.

Please seek your own tax advice in relation to how to report your income for UK tax purposes.

We provide below links to the Reports for Investors for each of the Funds listed for the year to 30th September 2023.

TT International Funds plc

TT UK Equity Fund

TT Asia-Pacific Equity Fund

TT Asia Ex-Japan Equity Fund

TT Global Emerging Markets Equity Fund

TT EM ex China Fund

TT Emerging Markets Unconstrained Fund (formerly TT Horizon Equity Fund)

TT China Focus Fund

TT Environmental Solutions Fund

TT Sustainable Thematics Fund

TT Sustainable EM Fund

TT Hedge Funds

TT European Opportunities Long/Short Fund